New YouTube Retrospective!
See a quick, 20 minute retrospective sampling of Joanne's work as a choral director and music educator featuring brief clips from her children's and adult/intergenerational choruses over the years. If you are new to Joanne's work, it is a great way to get a feel for her music and if you are a long time friend, come share the memories!
Part One | Part Two

Joanne directs several Intergenerational Choruses and Children's Choruses each week in the greater Boston area. She is also available to direct Choral Residencies in schools and communities as well as one-time Intergenerational Community "Sings" and Rounds Sings.

Joanne's Children's Choruses (currently meeting in Weston) are truly unique. Open to all children (no auditions) in grades 2 - 4, these groups are not "traditional" choruses, as they go well beyond that genre. Although they conclude each semester with a choral concert and always WOW the public (the children sing in 3 and 4 part harmony and ALL do short solos at some point in the concert!), they meet with other goals in mind: to truly explore music together and to grow personally as individuals through this challenging, and exciting musical experience. In their weekly one-hour sessions, Joanne introduces the children to musical concepts: rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre, form, expression, and vocal techniques like breath control, articulation, and tone. She does this through a variety of activities including many games, listening experiences, conducting, movement activities, rhythm instruments, using microphones, songwriting, dance, and lots of singing. The children sing in parts and all have many turns for creative individual input as well as working on blending together as a group to achieve the expression that each song needs. Although the main emphasis is not on performance, the two concerts in winter and spring are delightful highlights of the program.

Joanne's Intergenerational Chorus is a dream-come-true for Joanne and, from the amazing acclaim it has generated, for the participants as well. Advertised for ages 10 through 110, this is a true community group, galvenizing all ages and many different peoples into a very special, creative experience that both breaks down ageism and cultural barriers and builds up individual and group pride. The results of Joanne's unique approach that combines joyful encouragement and a high level of musical expecatations are wonderfully rich. Her respect for each "voice" shines through both in weekly sessions and in concerts, and her wealth of exciting repertoire and experience inspires and elevates these non-auditioned groups to amazing musical achievements. Check out more information on the Greater Boston Intergenerational Chorus here:

Registration for Joanne's choral groups is on a first come, first served basis, with some choruses having waiting lists many years ahead.

E-mail to inquire about registration or for the exact schedule if you'd like to observe these exciting, unique community choruses.

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