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Concerts for Children

Joanne presents dynamic, participatory concerts for families or schools / organizations across the country. Offering an exciting and thought-provoking program, Hammil plays guitar, leads the audience in sign language and motions, and engages children with her captivating stories, challenging them to think and express themselves with her. She includes many of her highly-acclaimed original songs, ranging from rock & roll to story-songs. She cleverly reaches to the heart of children's concerns, from power struggles with parents to friendships, ecology, and pizza, with wit, insight and respect.

For those seeking theme-based programs, Joanne also offers the following:

  • Many Voices, One Family! --Getting Along!
    (Conflict Resolution and Respect)
  • Sharing Feelings
    (songs that bring out important issues for children, personally and globally)
  • We Are All Songwriters!
    (best with small group of up to 30 students; best 2 hr minimum)

Concerts for Adults

Joanne's adult concerts are engaging treats featuring her own songwriting and her interactive style with audiences. She presents both solo concerts and those staged after working within a community or organization which include participants joining her on her unique rounds and partner songs within the show.

(Intergenerational) Community Sings

Joanne leads all ages through fun-filled sessions of part-singing in a variety of musical styles and helps capture the joy and power of joining our different voices together in song. She makes it easy, fun, and exciting to create beautiful music together and to feel inspired and proud of ourselves and our community.

Rounds Sings

Joanne's unique passion for rounds and her expertise as a rounds composer and leader has generated special interest in her Community Rounds Sings. Rounds and partner songs are among the most accessible forms for exciting, on-the-spot group part-singing......all voices together, learning simple lines that become complex, exciting harmony extravaganzas!


Joanne presents workshops for many conferences, institutes, school systems, organizations and communities. Her engaging teaching style and the wealth of expertise and original ideas she brings to her workshops are her trademarks. The following are some of her most sought-after workshops for music educators and music lovers:

  • Community Building Through Music!
  • Musical Games & Exercises to Enhance Self-Expression & Self-Esteem
  • Beginning Guitar -- leave playing dozens of songs!
  • Gems for Teaching Music: Games, Songs and Exercises
  • Harmony and Part-Singing with Children
  • Rhythm! -- Move, Play , Understand, Feel, Create!
  • Rounds & Partner Songs
  • How To Write Your Own Songs / Songwriting With Children

Keynotes / Residencies / Other Venues

Joanne is available for keynote presentations at music and educational conferences, and for residencies in community choral work and songwriting. Contact JHO Music ( to discuss options and fees.

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