gbic logo transparentThe Greater Boston Intergenerational Chorus is a unique and fun-loving community chorus.  We’re wonderfully eclectic in both our makeup and our repertoire.

Our 75 singers come from 25 Boston-area towns, and our age range requirement is 10-110! And we sing many different styles of music – multicultural, contemporary, traditional, jazz, classical, folk, novelty, gospel and more! But more than that, we have a great time together.  It’s a lovely community of people, and it’s a bit different from a typical chorus – not quite as demanding or formal as some, yet we reach quite a high level of musicality and artistry.

We sing pieces that are relatively easy to learn but sophisticated musically.  We sometimes do some quick musical ‘activity’ in the middle of our rehearsal that helps us get to know each other a bit.
Reading music is not required but it helps.  There are members who are incredibly experienced and talented (and have sung semi-professionally) and members who have only sung in the shower.


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